Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cat and Jim Siegelaar ride in from the Southern California. Look at that smile!

Slots looks on as Cranky and Six Pack meet for the first time.

Sandy and Cat

Jim is still racking up miles on his Mean Streak.

Don is wearing his hoodie to keep the sun's rays off him.

Linda is selling tickets for tomorrow night's raffle.

Hey Stewey! Check out Cat's PINK cat hat.

KC rolled in on this old Gold Wing. I have to admit, I have a few pangs of regret.

It's still lookin' good!

This ones for Roxy! Remember in 2002, you, I and Steve Lacewell rode up here for an evening ride. Such fun and good memories! This is only a few miles from the Topaz Lodge, on hwy 395.

Rick (jest), Six Pack Jack, Rainman (Randy), Sandy, and Linda Sublow. Afternoon visiting.

Beautiful, but chilly morning. Skid, Howard and Linda, followed the truck from Fallon to Topaz Lake today. High Sierra Mountain in the background. This is Cowboy country, lots of ranches and nice looking small towns.

First Picture! Six Pack and Randy were in the parking lot. It's 2:40 now. Some people are already out on rides, others resting up for the evening, and others are visiting in the parking lot.
The WiFi here is very slow, Skid and I will be going into Gardnerville later to see if our favorite Coffee House still is there and has a good internet connection.

The Overland Hotel. From the late 1800's it's been a Basque Restaurant among other things. Don (vsp) arranged dinner there, with some new friends he just met earlier this week when he was visiting the Topaz Internment camp out side of Delta. We had a fine time!

The Bar inside the Overland Hotel.

Checking out some of the antiques before entering the dining room.

The door to the kitchen

Howard (nitelite) Eddy, Brenda, Don. and on the other side..Linda Sublow, Skid, and Sandy is behind him.

The Double Eagle sign reminded me of a 1979 Harley Bagger we bought new. After lots of chrome, paint, and performance items, we called it The Double Eagle...

There were several trophys on the walls. I liked this Stately looking Mule Deer.

Sign inside the dining room

Don's Basque Beef tongue

I had a half rack of pork ribs. They were tender and tasty. I wasn't able to eat them all, after having some of all the side dishes.

The Mens/Ladies restroom at the Overland Hotel. Sort of "homey". A little unusual having a bath tub in a restaurant..at least I THINK it's a bath tub..............

The dinner is over. Lots of visiting with the new couple, and also we were all happy to see Howard and Linda show up to ride with us tomorrow on to HSVROC.

Eddy and Brenda fit right in. Friendly, interesting, people. Don, thanks for inviting them.

This license plate was from the year both Brenda and I were born!

Don's bike is leaking oil!!!!!!!!!!!! That's what he gets for traveling with a Harley on a trailer.

Inside an interesting building!

This was the Chevrolet Dealership in Fallon, Nevada for years. The man that used to be the Parts Manager bought it, and it's filled with dozens of antique gas pumps, cars, etc. VERY interesting place. We learned about it from our new friend, Eddy.

Our motel gave us all $5 coupons to use at a choice of 2 Casinos. We chose the Red Lion, and this was the $4.99 breakfast. A delicious Steak and Eggs! They didn't even charge us tax! This was in Elko, Nevada

We left Interstate 80 and went 90 some miles down to Eureka, on Hwy 50. It was a cold ride for those on bikes. This is mid-town, Eureka..Skid and Sandy modeling motorcycle clothes.

Old Casino in Eureka.

Eureka was another Silver Mining town. Lots of neat old building?

The Court house. Still in use.

A newspaper printing museum, the Sentinel.

"Trouble" was freezing, so I loaned her my jacket and gloves. Looks they fit about like OJ's

The "Lonliest Road" riders. VTP Don, Skid, Trouble, Sandy and Jamey T.

We ate in the restaurant of this old Hotel/Bar. Good place. If you click on the picture, you can read the little sign in the lower right corner of the window :-)

Dogs wonder freely through the place. His water dish is on the sidewalk outside the bar.

I had a hot chorizo sandwich, with fresh cut fries.

Local cherries were set out on the bar. I wandered in there to take some pictures, so ate a few handfulls.

Home made cookies for sale in the restaurant.

Apples and cinnamon rolls available

The lazy Susan on the table had 10 different kinds of hot sauce.

Don (back to vsp) and Jamey T. going over an old out dated AAA map of Don's.

Skid dodging all the traffic in the middle of Austin while taking a picture.

Another colorful local store in Austin

Austin is becoming a ghost town.......what a shame

Been here many times..This is the first in a cage..all other times were on a bike.

Good Motel here in Elko, NV. Very large rooms. Skid, Sandy and I have shared a room here before, it's still just as nice. Don (vsp) Jamey and Melanie are here too.

Jamey T. is putting his bar guards back on, after getting some cold, wet feet today.

Across the street.

Looks like they would have some nice clothes in there!

Entering the Star Hotel.

Bar in the Star.

Soup, Bread, Salad with creamy garlic dressing, Fresh cut Fries, Beans and Green Beans, Spahgetti, then the entrees came. And the gallon of decaf coffee finished off the meal. We passed on dessert. The couple with the boy are friends of Don (vsp). Ray, Lana and their son Caine. You recognize the rest of them.

Taken by the waitress

Ray has a Softail Deuce! He bought it new, has 20K miles on it, no problems. Was glad to find out that Harley makes a bag mount, I haven't been able to find an aftermarket one. So, learned something.

Part of the Red Light district of Elko. Lots of miners around here.

Next to the Star Hotel, where we had dinner.

Several of these very pretty flower barrels were in the area.

Last time a bunch of VROC'er were through here, this is where we ate..Remember this place, Slammer?

Paul Manske's new nic "Liberal" Slots!

Jamey T. and Trouble, and Don (vsp) on "The loneliest road in America", US Highway 50.

Happiness is Skid in your rear view mirror.

Fresh chip sealing. A 20 minute wait, then about 10 miles of fresh rocks and grease on the road.

Don, Jamey T., Melanie, and Sandy. A long way from No Where.

Skid hasn't been feeling well, but is much better today. He's still a little under the weather, but refused an offer to drive the truck..He's a tough old bird!

A very curvy Highway 50. Perfect for cruise control and a nap.

We went up and over 7800 feet today, and lots of passes over 6500. Still snow, some fresh in the mountains. I think this is Ruby Mountain.

Radio Shack in a Greek Restaurant, Ely, Nevada.

An old Knuckle head in the Hotel Nevada.

Three Old Indians.

This guy was wandering around inside the Nevada Hotel. Someone told us he's a Mexican Gray.

More downtown Ely.

Lots of old, interesting buildings in Ely.

Favorite stopping spot in Ely. We've spent the night here a couple of times, always fun.

Yep, Western Hospitality! And, we're back in Pacific time zone..Feels like home!

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